A Date With Independence

Shared on my Facebook Page (Expats for Scotland Independence) by Paul Colvin

Expats for Scotland Independence
9 hours ago
written today: A Date With Independence. 2nd January 2014. By Paul Colvin

When King James V1 of Scotland, united with the English crown
And our Parliament in Edinburgh betrayed us to London town
We still placed hopes upon them, which, in hindsight wasn’t fair
For the last thing on Westminster’s mind, was for us to have our share.

The Famine that struck Ireland, where a million lives were lost
Didn’t happen here in Scotland for other Scotsmen bore the costs
No help came from Westminster, not one penny did they give
To them we were a burden, they cared not if we died or lived.

And what of The Highland Clearances where towns just disappeared
Millions forced to leave a land, a Scotland they revered
Again this was for money where sheep cost less than men
And when they closed the shipyards, it happened once again.

Billions they have taken, our resources they have used
To pay off Thatcher’s debtors and still we’re being abused
You now have the chance to change it, your life, your destiny
Vote YES for independence or else face more agony.

Do we need the Tories tell us, how to run our beloved land
When decisions made in London do not meet Scots’ demands
This is not about a monarchy or a vote about a throne
But to reclaim back the land we love and to govern as our own.

They’ve given us our foodbanks which we know the proud will snub
But a minister from Parliament says, we spend the savings down the pub
How out of touch, these Tories are and Labour’s not that far behind
With them this is Scotland’s future and it’s a future much maligned.

The money owed by Britain is at an all time high, that’s fact
Paid for by Scotland’s oil, whisky, each Scottish worker’s tax
Why do we pay more to the taxman, when we get less in return
If you vote to stay united then you can watch your country burn.

If you’re wondering why there’s nothing here to back the other side
It’s because they’ve answered nothing or tripped up when they’ve lied
If UNITED means we’re stronger, you couldn’t be more wrong
Just look at what the last few years have brought and say that you belong.

It’s a country more divided by class than borderlines
The rich are getting richer whilst the poor are left behind
The NHS in Scotland is the one the rest are looking to
We’ve a country full of riches with personnel to see us through

This is not for Alex Salmond, it’s for the future of this land
For men, women, children who want to make a stand
If you’re still undecided, please just don’t take a wild guess
Put your X where you know is right, in the box that’s written YES.

I’m not a politician but with these eyes I see
Destruction, degradation on a scale we could not foresee
I look around at fellow Scots, ones who built these lands
Britain may have ruled the waves but those ships were built by Scottish hands.

Paul Colvin.